YUVA SAKTHI – Social Accountability for Every Adolescent (UNICEF) :-

Introduction :

YuvaShakthi is an ambitious adolescents’ project which will work in four districts of Telangana (Mahabubnagar, Nagarkurnool, Wanarpathy, Jogumbalgadwal) to engage and empower 22,750 adolescent boys and girls. The project will focus on their health, nutrition, employment, marriage and enhance their civic accountability. The aim is also to enable them to express their views via appropriate platforms and make their voices heard.

ECO-CLUB is implementing in 8 Mandals those are Devarakadra, Balanagar, Rajapur, Nawabpet, C.C.Kunta, Narwa, Athmakur, Amarachintha in Mahabubnagar and Wanaparthy District.

In this project adolescent forums/ groups formed to make adolescents as agents of change. The programme’s aim is to foster a gender-responsive and human-rights aware civil society movement to uphold rights of adolescents through formation of an NGO coalition in the district; build its capacity to work on adolescents’ issues, create gender-responsive platforms for adolescent participation and a gender-responsive mechanism to enhance social accountability on behalf of adolescents in line with GoI’s vision and programme goals (RKSK, RMNCH+A, SSA, RMSA, KGBVs, ICPS).

Wall news paper :

Wall news paper introduced to adolescents to learn new things of their surroundings and to express their views and opinions display at crowd places in villages. If anything not under control over under the decisions by the VCPCs/MCPCs they can solve the adolescent’s issues at their levels.

U Report :

U-Report is a social messaging tool allowing anyone from any community, anywhere in the world to respond to polls, report issues, support child rights and work as positive agents of change on behalf of people in their community. An orientation to the district administration on U-Report as a tool for citizen engagement will be done and the U-Report platform will be activated on the mobile of the District Collector and other district officials, to allow real-time access to the issues/feedback aired by the adolescents.

AFC Call centre :

Helpline Toll Free number 1800 425 0144 established in Mahabubnagar to encourage child participation and express their views & observations with the counselor to get the information of Mahabubnagar, Nagarkurnool, Wanaparthy and JogulambaGadwal districts.

The District, Mandal and Village level steering committees (Village Level Child Protection Committees-VCPCs) formed and meeting periodically to look into the issues of adolescents.

Bharathi Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS) is the nodal organization for implementing this project and other 5 NGO partners provides staff support and training modules for in the areas of capacity building and community mobilization.

Under the chairmanship of District Collector organizing quarterly District level steering committee meetings with all the line departmental heads, UNICEF and NGO heads and project team for effective implementation of the project and to develop redressal mechanisms in line departments of YUVA SHAKTHI.

Capacity building trainings organized for the adolescent Leaders & Adolescent Journalists

Facilitation by the Cluster Coordinators on writing wall news papers in 54 villages of Mahabubnagar and 18 Villages in Wanaparthy district.

Regular convergence with field level team of duty bearers

In this year concentrating with focus on vulnerability of the adolescents also participate all the adolescents of respective villages.

  • Out of school children
  • Orphan/Semi Orphan
  • Drop outs
  • Child marriages
  • Child Labour
  • Disabled adolescents
  • Other vulnerability of adolescents