The Mahabubnagar District is located in the Central Part of Peninsular India. The agriculture activity is intensive and the groundwater resources are meager. Drought is ever persistent in Mahabubnagar District. The people’s adaptive and coping strategies have become a way of life. Seasonal migrations for alternative livelihood opportunities have become a tradition for some of the people.

Based on this situation ECO-CLUB as a taking initiation to address these issues. The organization selected as a Project Implementing Agency (PIA) under DPAP in Mahabubnagar District.   Under this program we are implemented 11 Micro watershed programs were successfully implemented in Kondurgu Mandal.  And also under APRLP watershed plus activities promotion of sustainable livelihood activities were taken up.  Process monitoring; follow up activities and capacity building are carried for better quality of implementation of the programme.  Self-Help Group Members and Watershed Committee Members, the villagers together are involved in the success of watershed programme.

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