Climate Change is a major global environmental problem today. The International scientific community has concluded that there is compelling evidence of climate change. Developing countries like India are considered particularly vulnerable to climatic changes due to their dependency on climate sensitive sectors, such as agriculture, fisheries, forestry, water and other natural resources and limited capacities to anticipate and respond to climatic changes. Most of the Indian rural population live in harsh climate regions of mountains, desert and river delta, which makes them more susceptible to changing climate. The potential impacts of climate change are very broad.

Given the projected extent of climate change impacts, we need to prepare mechanisms that will help our society adapt. In the recent past there have been efforts to mitigate climate change around the world. But this alone will not suffice and therefore need to be complemented by adaptation measures, which address the vulnerability to current and future climate changes and associated impacts.

The ECO-CLUB is the field level facilitating organization in implementation of the Programme an innovative project funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Global Environment Fund called “Vulnerability Assessment and Enhancing Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change in Semi – Arid Regions of India”(V&A Climate Change Programme). This Action Research Study Programme is implementing in Kothur village of Midjil mandal and Srirangapur village of Kondurgu Mandal of Mahabubnagar Dist. It is the only programme in India.

This program is basically combined Research Program between Research Institutions and Farmers.


Goal :

The core objective of this project is to secure the livelihoods of the rural poor and vulnerable communities affected by climate related stresses.

Objectives :

 Enhance the adaptive capacity of the local communities

 Improve delivery systems

 Promote multi-level policy dialogues and general awareness to climate related impacts.

The main focused areas under this programme are
 Water
 Agriculture
 Rural Energy
 Livestock

Major activities carried out in this programme viz;
This programme is implementing as per project guidelines.
 Create awareness through Kalajatha programmes
 Collection of Primary and Secondary data
 Situational Analysis
 Regular meetings and Interactions
 Trainings and Exposure visits to different places
 Establishment of Village Knowledge centers
 Installation of Weather Stations (Mini Agro met Stations)
 Formation of Smart Farmers Clubs
 Participatory Technology Development
 Construction of good stoves
 Renovation of water bodies
 Soil reclamation and etc.