Since inception ECO-CLUB has been playing a major role in creating

awareness in rural and urban areas on different issues through various kind of programmes like;

Kalajatha, Wall Writings, Seminars, Workshops, Rallies, Public Meetings

and Focus Group meetings, Field Days and Exposure visits.

Kalajatha :

It is a rural cultural folk will create effective awareness in rural public.

ECO-CLUB has given priority for using this tool to create awareness before starting the project at village level.

Public Meetings :

Conducted meetings in project villages and providing information at all levels.

Workshops :

Conducted workshops for target group on specific issues.

Wall Writings :

Our project villages are displayed with wall writings and it has more impact on the village people.

Field Days :

Celebrated field days like FFS (Farmers Field School),

PTD (  ), for sharing of common experiences and cross learning’s.

Exposure visits :

The organization keeps conducting exposure visits for different target groups

Trainings :

We have well equipped and furnished training center with training team in multi developmental activities.