Integrated Watershed Development for Rehabilitation of Degraded Soils and Climate Change Adaptation (KFW Soil Project) Supported by NABARD, TS,RO.

Our Organization ECO-CLUB is selected as a Project Facilitating Agency (PFA) for implementing this project in Galigudem village, Chowdergudem Mandal in Rangareddy District.


As a Project Facilitating Agency (PFAs) we have given a clear mandate to assess the vulnerability of identified areas, to climate change. Our teams engaged with villagers, VWC and SHG members to analyses the impact of climate change on communities in each sector. The PFAs studied the availability of natural resources in each of the identified fields besides understanding it’s level of environmental degradation and developmental need-based issues that influenced the area’s socio-economic dynamics. Observations were made on the incidence of climate variability; it’s impact and the adaptive response of the affected communities.


Under the KfW Soil project, our Team educated Formers on the benefits of the deep ploughing technique. Impressing upon them the advantages of using the method in the summer months to enable better moisture retention during dry periods, our PFA convinced the reluctant farmer to use the methodology on just half an acre of those lands.


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